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Welcome to Math 7 and Pre-Algebra
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Policies and Procedures 
 Classwork Policy: This is an extremely important factor in your learning experience and our learning environment! It has a very positive effect on your grade, which you have complete control over! You can easily earn 20% of your trimester grade by being: respectful, prepared, organized, focused, actively involved in and actively listening to the discussion/activity at hand, listening to directions, and following class rules. 

Homework Policy: Homework is an integral part of our math class which is used to reinforce concepts taught. HW is required to be done NEATLY in your notebook. Generally, odd problems are given for homework so you can check your answers. This will allow you to come to our next class with questions. To receive full credit for your homework (4 points), the following parameters need to be met:           
  • Copy the problem into your notebook
  • Show all your work (No work, No credit!)
  • Check your homework. 

Excessive missed homework assignments will warrant an email sent to your parents. If your homework is not completed on time, it may be handed in the next day for half credit (2 points). Homework will not be accepted more than 1 day late. If you are absent, you will have the equal days you were out to complete your homework. The HW listed on the HW page of this website may change during the course of the day. If there is any discrepancy in the HW (page or problem #), students should adhere to the HW in their planner. There may be additional work posted which should be completed. HW comprises 20% of your trimester grade!  

Quiz Policy: Several quizzes will be given throughout the chapter to assess understanding of concepts taught which will account for 20% of your trimester grade. Quiz corrections are encouraged, but they will not increase your grade.

Test Policy:  Chapter tests will be given with ample notice for you to prepare, review and ask me questions. Your test average will comprise 40% of your trimester grade. If you earned an 80% or lower, test corrections are available on each problem you did not earn full credit for. Corrections are to be done on loose leaf, stapled to the back of the test and handed in the very next class. Please, do not alter your original test. No partial credit can be earned if this occurs. If problems are done correctly, you will earn a maximum of 20% of the points initially deducted.

Extra Credit Policy: Extra credit will be offered for each test. Extra credit is worth one point per worksheet. To earn the point, all work must be shown and the entire worksheet must be completed. It is due the day of the test. 

Extra Help: I am available for extra help on Mondays from 2:15-3pm in 8A. Please sign up in the Extra Help notebook prior to the start of extra help.

Portal: It is important for you to review your grades posted in the portal. Please notify me of any discrepencies. If I made a mistake, I will change it! Grades will be posted within 48 hours. HW will be posted by Friday for that week. I will post notes which can help you focus. This is an excellent way for you and your parents to be up to date with your progress. 

Grading Policy Summary:

  • 20% Class Participation (determined by a rubric, available upon request)
  • 20% Homework average 
  • 20% Quiz average
  • 40% Test average (3rd Trimester: Tests are equal to 20% of your grade and the final exam is 20%.)
Test Taking Strategies 

There are several ways to approach taking standardized tests. You need to find the strategy that works best for you. I like to use a "Reverse Triage" (starting with the easiest) method as follows:


2. Look over the whole test or section. This will reduce some of your natural anxiety as soon as you realize you REALLY do know some of the answers.

3. Start at the beginning. Do the easy ones first - As this is a timed test it will give you more time to spend on the more difficult problems.

4. As you come to a difficult problem, if you can't solve it right away, find a way to mark it in your test booklet - a light star or circle and MOVE ON.

5. **Be sure you answer the next question in the right spot on your answer sheet as these are usually a scan sheet and if you miss one, all the rest of your answers will be wrong.

6. Go back to the circled ones and try to figure them out. Always be mindful of the time you have remaining.

7. If time remains, go back over & review all the questions, even the easy ones. Sometimes you will spot a common mistake. Remember, the testing companies will use common mistakes in their answer choices.

Tests and Quizzes 

Test dates and content will be posted on the Homework page. Any quiz or test grade below a 70 will warrant an email home.

For now....keep up with your homework and be ready for those quizzes!

 Online Math Resources

The following websites are available for students to use for extra help: login (top right hand corner)  un: gscirocco  pw: sjaisthebest 

Distributive Property:  This site explains the distributive property.