Clinic (K-2)

 Clinic Overview

The St. John’s basketball clinic is an instructional program, which is open to students in grades K–2  who attend St. John’s Academy or are currently enrolled and active in the St. John’s CCD program.


The primary focus of the program is building each player’s confidence and skills through fundamental drills and team play.


The Structure

The majority of the program sessions are dedicated to fundamental basketball drills in dribbling, passing and shooting.


The Instructors

St. John’s parents and/or coaches run the clinic under the supervision and guidance of the clinic director.  St. John’s Varsity basketball players will assist each week as well. 


The Facilities

The St. John’s gym has two full courts with fully adjustable baskets.  Basketballs are provided by St. John’s and players should not bring basketballs to the clinic.