PreK-3 Weekly Newsletter

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PreK-3 September Newsletter

Welcome to PreK-3!  This month we have many exciting things happening in PreK-3.  

September 9 - 12 is All About ME.  This week is all about getting to know the students and getting them acclimated to the classroom.  Our Religion focus this week will be to learn/practice the Sign of the Cross, the Our Father and our snack and lunchtime prayers.  

September 16 - 20 is All About APPLES.  This week we will learn where apples grow and the different colors of apples.  We will graph apples and even practice balancing them on our heads! Our Religion focus this week is about how Jesus welcomes all children and we will continue practicing our prayers.

September 23 - 27 is All About Fall.This week is all about fall.  We will talk about the changes we see outside in the weather, trees, etc.  We will go on a nature walk and collect leaves and acorns too. Our Religion focus this week is how Jesus is our teacher just like a teacher in school.  

Show and Tell Themes for September:

September 9 - 12 - All About Me Bag and poster / worksheet

September 16 - 20 - Students are to bring in something that is the same as their favorite color apple and the apple!

September 23 - 27 - Students are to bring in something that reminds them of fall.

Important Dates for September

September 30 - Lifetouch Pictures - Individual Pictures