Five Finger Test



At times, students tend to gravitate towards books that we feel are not age appropriate. We ask them to sit down and take "The Five Finger test". It seems to help keep them at their reading level. Remember reading above their reading level can cause a child to get bored with reading. Another danger that arises is reading material that is not age appropriate. If you have any concerns, or requests, in respect to what your child reads, please send us a note or e-mail at or just click on the tab on the top, Ask the Librarian.
Thank you!
The Five Finger Test
1. Open the book to the middle. Select a full page of text.
2. Read the page outloud.
3. Put one finger up for every word you cannot pronounce or you don't know.
4. If you get five fingers up on one page, the book is too difficult to read alone.
5. If you do not get any fingers up, but you are reading very slowly, and understanding almost all the words, you may not enjoy the book.