A webquest is an inquiry-based, on-line activity.  In these activities, students will work in collaboration within a small group with a specific task and process to complete.  Students will access, evaluate and use information while reinforcing reading, library skills, information skills and various core subjects such as social studies, science, math, language arts, and art.


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The Trial of the Titanic:  
A webquest for 7th grade.  

New Jersey Sign 

The Counties of NJ:
An adventure webquest
for 4th grade.

Mixed Up Files image
The Mixed-up Files
Project:  A webquest
for fifth grade
halloween pumpkin
Halloween:  A webquest
for fourth grade.
Mr. Poppers Penquin book cover 
Mr. Popper's Penguins: 
A webquest for third grade
The Dinosaur Research

 A webquest for
second grade.
four seasons of the year
The Four Seasons:  A collaborative project for second grade.