Nurse Forms
 MEDICAL FORMS: Please find below student physical exam forms which are required by the state for all students entering Pre-K and Kindergarten. It is also recommended that all students entering 3rd and 6th grade have a current physical examination. A dental exam is also recommended prior to Kindergarten. All physicals are due by August 15th.


IMMUNIZATIONS: All students must be up to date with required immunizations. Documentation of required immunizations must be on file in the nurses office prior to the start of the school year. See attached required immunization chart.

    6th grade required immunizations.pdf
  Immunization Requirements PreK - 8th Grade.doc

ANNUAL STUDENT HEALTH HISTORY FORM: This form is required to be completed and signed by a parent/guardian at the beginning of each school year.

   Student Health Information and Consent Form.docx

 MEDICATION ADMINISTRATION AUTHORIZATION FORM: The nurse's office must have on file a written request from the student's physician which indicates the name, frequency, and dosage of any prescribed medication, as well as written consent to administer the medication from the parent. This includes ANY over the counter medications (ex: Advil, Tylenol, and Motrin)


ASTHMA: Any child requiring medication for asthma must have your child's physician complete the asthma treatment plan form. A parent/guardian must also complete and sign the top portion of the medication administration authorization form.

   Asthma treatment Plan updated.pdf

ALLERGY: Any child requiring emergency medication for allergies must have your child's physician complete the FARE Form. A parent/guardian must also complete and sign the top portion of the medication administration form. See parent/student handbook for more information.

   Food Allergy Care Plan (FARE Form).pdf

CLASS TRIP CONSENT FORM: Any child who requires emergency medication for allergies/asthma must complete the appropriate forms below, to allow the student to partake in a class trip.

   Class Trip-Medication Authorization.pdf


    Scoliosis: Screenings for scoliosis are conducted in 5th and 7th grade.

       Scoliosis document.pdf

    Hearing: Hearing screenings are conducted for all students in K, 2nd, 4th, 6th,  &  8th grade.

Dental screenings are conducted on students in Pre-K - 2nd grade.