About Us

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for taking the time to inquire about Saint John's Academy. We are proud of providing over 50 years of  quality, Catholic education in the beautiful, suburban town of Hillsdale, NJ located in Bergen County.

Our dedicated, fully certified staff goes above and beyond to ensure that every SJA student receives the necessary support and guidance to achieve his or her potential. As a Catholic administrator, I witness the need for Catholic schools to develop student's Catholic identity while preparing students for the demands of the 21st century. Today, students are growing up in a more secular, less religious society and are competing with other students around the world for future jobs.  At Saint John's Academy, our school community believes that it is our moral and professional responsibility to create numerous learning opportunities that prepare students for the future-academically, socially, and emotionally- in a faith-filled environment.
SJA fosters a school climate and culture that addresses the needs of each student through the teachings of Gospel values while setting high standards for personal achievement both inside and outside the classroom.  We are passionate about developing our students into faithful, dynamic individuals. Now, more than ever, our society is in need of the Catholic education our school provides-where a commitment to personal responsibility and stewardship is found in our administration, faculty and staff. 
Come see what being part of the SJA family is all about. Feel free to email me personally: ssocha@sja-hillsdale.org. The commitment to a Catholic education based on Faith, Academics and Service lasts a child's lifetime!

Yours in Christ,

Ms. Suzanne Socha
Principal, Saint John's Academy